The Principles Of Prayer

It’s with great joy to bring this topic to you, for the word says, “Rejoice evermore”. Because this mandate “Rejoice always” is only for the living souls after death is judgement. Principle of prayer is what we have to look into. After the precept we’ve found above; the Bible said, Pray without ceasing 1Thess.5:16 and 17. To know how to pray is not just by praying, but to know the princples of prayer. Some of us are tirelessly pray on the mountain without result, because the joy or prayer principles hath skip in our mind. It’s one thing to pray, and it’s another thing to have understanding of prayer. A soul that hate to pray he definitely become a prey to his enemy. Prayer was and is so important in the life of believers. For whosoever bear the mark of Christ must be a lover of prayer. Jesus spent all night on prayer mountain Luke6:12 confirmed these. To know how to pray you must first of all know the concept of prayer and how to present yourself before God Almighty on the prayer mountain. Continue reading on


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